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We would like to take a moment to let you know about us on a personal level. We are totally dedicated to this hybrid breed and the WELFARE of our pets. This is a great passion. We totally love animals and couldn’t imagine our life without them.

This love affair started years and years ago when we had animals as children. We have even had experience in the show world of both dogs and horses. This includes experience in obedience training. Our love of animals will never cease because it is an immense part of who we are. That being said, you can bet that these precious puppies are raised with careful consideration and tremendous amount of love! When they are born in our KITCHEN, I imprint each and every one of them with a gentle rub and a smooch on the head! That first week I hear every peep they make and I am up all through the night checking on them and making sure each one gets it’s very important nourishment from momma.


When you get a Smooch Puppy be assured


Where much attention was paid to the HEALTH


Finally a immune booster/vitamin you can use

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This includes experience in obedience training.


Nutrition plays a critical role in your pet's health. Here at Smooch Pups, we take this very seriously. The argument that we have domesticated them does not hold water in our opinion. If you get a Smooch Pup you will be getting a puppy that has not been predisposed to all of the artificial proteins, dyes, nutrients, chemicals and other fillers that contribute to many health issues with their organs and their mental health.


Smooch Pups has high standards in nutrition along with other aspects that will greatly effect them long term. We also only breed dogs with great temperaments. We achieve this by owning dogs of the same lineage for generations. Health and temperament have been the foundation of our breeding program for almost 2 decades.


Our dogs here at Smooch Pups maintain the breed standards (for our purebreds) that solidify the hybrid paring. This is conducive to breeding healthy, structurally sound animals.


Smooch Pups is dedicated to our clients and does our very best to only breed dogs that have been pre-screened for genetic defects. This done by doing DNA panels and by following OFA standards. This paired with our outstanding passion to breed puppies that are raised with the best optimal nutrition and socialization, in a home environment, concludes our commitment to you and our program. Raising puppies with these exceptional standards for their well-being comes at a price, but you can't put a price on their healthiness or well-being! WE WILL NOT COMPROMISE!

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    Remember the old cliche "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?" Well... The new answer to optimum health in your pet, is with NUVET! It is an excellent product made in a HUMAN grade laboratory right here in the USA! When you purchase a puppy from me, you will receive your starter kit and more information.

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