All of our Smooch babies and dogs are raised in our home. They are raised on the best diet and have plenty of exercise to keep them healthy! These carefully chosen dogs are certified healthy by OFA standards and breed specific DNA.

When you get a Smooch Puppy be assured that this puppy has been carefully raised with the best intentions of our program in mind. WE DON’T BREED FOR PROBLEMS. We don’t breed just any ole dog. These are the BEST dogs that years of years of research has enabled us to make educated decisions on, so adding them into our program has been the greatest attribute of all. We do not take this lightly. We love quality in stature, health and temperament . You will not be disappointed when you make the decision to love a Smooch Puppy!

Current Cavapoo & Cavachon Boys Available:

Male Cavachons

Male Cavachon

Price: $3200

This puppy is so adorable and will be small travel size. He is gentle and sweet. He is the only male Cavachon available

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